The “EMF Shield” Unity Pendant offers exceptional protection to a large range of electromagnetic smog.
This conclusion was formed from testing a number of individuals in close proximity to everyday electromagnetic output devices including phones, microwave ovens, computers etc.
These devices work better for this purpose than anything I have tested before.

Guy Bennett B.Sc. Kinesiologists
Principle of Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology
Brisbane, QLD


I moved into a house recently and there was a room that i didn’t like to enter, always keeping the door closed, it didn’t feel right. The sensation upon entering the room was claustrophobic and there was an overriding feeling of discomfort and a strange crawling feeling. After trying other space clearing methods with no relief i used the QiGrow ‘Etheric and Original 8 Cell Clearing Remedy’ (Space Clearing). After spraying the clearing remedy the room felt empty and clear. The crawling feeling had gone and there was no feeling attached to the room at all. With the addition spraying of the ‘Etheric and Original 8 Cell Higher Purpose Remedy’ the room took on a warm sensation and felt much larger and more open. The room can now be used for my original purpose, as a meditation room.

Raelene B
School Teacher
Cunderdin, WA

My home has a sleep out in which 2 of my grand daughters refuse to sleep and no one likes to enter. I have seen strange shapes and shadows in this room and have often smelt rotting flesh at night time in the room. The ill feelings and creepiness seemed to come from this room.  After spraying the ‘Etheric and Original 8 Cell Clearing Remedy’ (Space Clearing) the room lightened and began to feel cleaner. I also felt a releasing, the clearing remedy appeared to be working on me. I revealed a secret to my daughter right there and then, one i had kept buried for 57 years.  The room remains clean and open, people have slept in there and i have had no more frightening experiences related to the room. QiGrow Remedies work for me!

Nancy P
Bunbury, WA

Dear Matthew
I write to advise you that I believe I had real success with your Vibration Remedies.

As you know, when I first thought I would try your remedies, I had two properties that I was trying to lease with no apparent success.

One was a property I had recently bought as a deceased estate. After two consecutive sprayings inside and outside the house with the Etheric and Original 8 Cell Clearing Remedy and Etheric and Original 8 Cell Higher Purpose Remedy, (Space Clearing) I suddenly had three good prospective tenants.

The other property was my office which I have owned for 18 years and after six months of advertising, still had no prospects.
After spraying the premises inside and out, I felt guided to write down the names of the people who had worked here and they numbered about 30. I then matched to each person negative emotions listed in your manual (Devic and Nature forces booklet). The following day I balanced these emotions with your listed virtues. Almost immediately I had two individual prospects walk in expressing interest in the property. Whilst neither of these eventuated, I now have after several more sprayings some ideal lessees for the property. I hope my story will be inspirational to other persons keen to try your product.

I might just add that i have received many comments from customers entering my office since spraying the remedies saying that the area feels inviting and comforting!

Jenny L
Real Estate Agent
Guildford, WA


For the last 9 years I have worked as a clear point channel, healer, teacher and business consultant, utilising the knowledge, connection and relationships created as a Reiki Master, fostered with the Angelic Realm and a team of Ascended Masters, to research, write, channel and develop programmes and workshops that enable individuals and teams to bring about meaningful and sustainable transitions – for themselves, and their businesses.

It became apparent very early in my spiritual career that I needed to remain exceptionally focussed and diligent, not only with my own work, but in the choice of other practitioners that I associated and worked with. After 9 years operating in the spiritual capital of New Zealand (Rotorua), I had developed a trusted network of associates that I worked with exclusively, and was comfortable referring all my clients to them. This is not something that I take lightly, as I understand, the referral that I make, reflects on me as well as the referee.

Moving to Australia in 2008 posed a number of challenges, not least of which was the distance from these trusted associates. These challenges were compounded by a number of less than satisfactory encounters with different practitioners. As a result of these meetings I became very, very cautious when meeting other practitioners until I had thoroughly and accurately discerned ‘where they were coming from’.

Meeting Matthew was a breath of fresh air. After ‘scoping’ out what Matthew was doing, a point of resolution became clear, and 2 of the essences were purchased (Devic & Nature Forces). Happy with the ‘chance encounter’ with Matthew, I proceeded to tune into the energy of the essences to further align my understanding of their authenticity and the work that they would be capable of, and after a week of ‘tuning in’ I was happy and comfortable that they were indeed of authentic quality and intrinsically correct – a gift from Source.

I then began the clearing process (1st remedy) on the land and house that we are renting, and as I began this process, noticed a change in energy signatures around the property almost immediately. Long standing energies that had been inculcated into the property by the owner after 30+ years of living in it began to lighten and shift. After the prescribed 24 hours, I then began the re-attunement of the house and property to our higher purpose (2nd remedy), and during this process was also guided to ingest a drop of that essence. From there, the house, property and self began to feel entirely different – and far more like myself!

As a result of working with Matthews 2 essences, both my husband and myself are significantly clearer, brighter and working on a new life path that we can both enjoy, that enables us both to do the work that we love- and the plants are thriving!!!

I have no doubt that our meeting was ‘meant to be’, and that Matthew and his work will somehow become an intrinsic part of the new path that my husband and I are now creating.

I have no hesitation recommending Matthew and his work to anyone who feels called to use it. It carries one of the most pure energy signatures that I have had the privilege of encountering in Australia so far and will continue to work with in the future.

Thanks Matthew for all that you are doing, and all that you are about to do.

If you would like any further information please feel free to either phone or email me. I’m happy to talk about the experience.

Leanne A
Kingscliff, NSW


I’m Asheesh Singh from India. I suffered from intestinal tuberculosis in 2004. It got cured under action of allopathic treatment but such diseases result in weakness of bodily constitution and hence troubles of excessive generation and accumulation offlatulence, chronic diarrhoea, chronic failure of digestive power, inability to absorb nutrients from food and weak immunity persisted. Having a long experience in homeopathy, I used Bach flower remedies, gem elixirs and radioactive elements with benefit but not much relief.

Browsing through internet one day, by God’s grace I found QiGrow and my saviour Mr. Matthew Wingard. I went through all the information provided on qigrow.com about the remedies and the evidence to support their working. Though reluctantly at first, I was somehow intutively convinced to try few of the remedies according to my condition as guided on the website. Their effect on me was brilliant and after that I used most of the remedies available. Each remedy did something for better. It was February 2009 and since then my health and my life has improved greatly. The best thing about these remedies is that their effect is never lost i.e. once cured with a remedy, you won’t degenerate to the former state and that they are completely safe without any side-effects because they work at subtle levels.

These remedies are unique. They work at very basic structures of human anatomy i.e. DNA, cells, etc. getting rid of the blockages at the karmic, spiritual and mental bodies and the cure of physical body follows. Human body is multi-dimensional comprising of auric field, emotions, chakras, meridians, cells, etc. Disturbance to flow of divine energy in one of the dimensions causes harmful alterations in other dimensions too and results in various maladies at physical level. Limitations of modern day medical treatment in so-called incurable diseases such as psychosis, depression, chron’s disease, cancer, AIDS, etc. is because their roots lie deeper and allopathic treatment only influences physical body. QiGrow’s remedies work at subtle levels to bring about health and well-being in such difficult, terminal and fatal cases too, to which my case bears a testimony.

Anyone of any age can use the qigrow’s remedies for spiritual, mental and physical well being, protection from noxious energies and personal development, fulfilment and advancement in life. I wish everyone all the best and healthy and joyous life with qigrow’s remedies. God bless Mr. Matthew and help him achieve his noble goals.

Asheesh Singh
Uttar Pradesh, India


Dear Matt, please share my testimonial with your customers and clients.

I have been using the Vibration Remedies from QiGrow over the past 3 or maybe 4 years now.

From Xtreme Recovery to different remedies that where needed for me at that time I have used quite a range of these products.

All of them had and have immense impact on me and my energetic field. (on me and my whole being).

We are at a tipping point and big global shifts are happening.

In these times of evolution, awakening and changes of energy all around us it is so helpful to have a frequency tincture at hand!

They are the correct medicine for these times!

We are truly blessed with this technology.

Working with energy techniques in alternative healing I see and understand how important these remedies are for us.

I might be little more sensitive to these vibrations but even if you don’t feel it be assured these remedies are working amazingly!

All my thanks and blessings to Matt at QiGrow and to the nature spirits!

Deniz A


Matthew, it has been crazy here, I took the Heart remedy, and I had bought the Crow essence as a gift for a client who has crows appear all the time to her. Within 2 days of taking the essences she rang delighted that she had had an amazing dream/vision of something that she has been trying to understand for a long time.

I will be transferring money into your account shortly for more remedies. As I have test run them myself I will go and talk to the natural health food store for you. So well done we think they’re great, I just cant decide on which to buy next.
Thank you for being so creative.

Light Worker
Bundaberg, QLD


Hi Matthew
I met you at the Perth Garden Show where you had a stand promoting your QiGrow products. I purchased 2 tubs of the Bliss Mist repair cream as I have fair skin and regularly need melanomas removed due to sun damage. I tried a sample of the cream at the stand and before my eyes the sun spots on the back of my hand seemed to fade away.

As mentioned I purchase 2 tubs and have since bought 6 more due to the benefits I am receiving, even my doctor asked me what I was using as my hands have become considerably softer and more importantly heal very quickly after any surgery.

All I can say is Thanks……. and can I have some more!

Julie W
Subiaco, WA

” I am in no doubt that this remedy balanced me and kept me close to the
earth at a time in which I had some challenging emotional decisions to make.
I believe in the subtle powers of these remedies.”

Louise E
Perth, WA



Note: some of the products listed are not currently available.