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The Unity Symbol is a gift. A gift that is to be shared with friends and family to connect back to the Oneness of Unity Consciousness.

This pendant is a 30mm Holographic/Glass/Sterling Silver Pendant.

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The QiGrow Unity Pendant contains informational creation codes of the universe in its design and will help you to understand your purpose in life just by studying it when you have a quiet moment.

The same geometrical shapes that are in the Unity Symbol are also within our own DNA. People, including you, that are drawn to this symbol are searching for a deeper understanding of our connection within the Universe, and the special part we will play during the ascension process the earth is going through at this present moment. It gives us the remembrance of who we are and where we came from and instills the fact that everything is connected and at its core, of the same Oneness.

By concentrating on the very centre of the Unity Symbol, your eyes will notice a myriad of shapes. These shapes will be constantly changing as your brain tunes in to more and more of them. Some fade out to make way for others to appear. This can be a daily exercise you can use for your eyes and brain, as it will strengthen your sense of concentration and activate parts of your brain that may have been dormant for some time.

Your mind recognizes symbols more than any other data because it is the Universal language. When looking at the Unity Symbol, neural pathways are being wired in the brain, raising your awareness and opening up channels for higher perception.

The Unity Pendant is a gift. A gift that is to be shared with friends and family to connect back to the Oneness of Unity Consciousness.


hologram glass pendant

This symbol comprises very Sacred Geometric codes containing the building blocks of all life in the Universe. This is a symbol of Unity! By gazing into its single ‘eye’, you will re-discover the Unity of Oneness.


The Unity Pendant is extremely powerful. By looking into it, we become re-acquainted with who and what we are and where we came from. It opens and establishes connections within our brain to expand our awareness and provides tools for healing. It is all about Unity. Accepting the consciousness of Unity and Oneness.

By wearing the Unity Pendant we carry a Universal Portal with us providing connection to source and protection from energies that could disturb our electrical system and energy body.

The Unity Pendant provides very important healing potentials when worn or placed on an area that requires repair. Through muscle testing and kinesiology sessions we have found that the Unity Pendant aids healing on physical, neurological, cellular, inter-cellular, DNA and RNA levels. It could be the #1 tool you require to assist in a health problem you face now, why not test yourself and find out!

We are sure you will gain many benefits by wearing your new Unity Pendant, along with informing your individual cells how to replicate effectively, the Unity Pendant is extremely beneficial in harmonizing electromagnetic frequencies from mobile/cell phones, WiFi and other wireless radiation making the field coherent and safe for biological organisms. Yay!

Wear Your QiGrow Unity Pendant with Confidence!


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  1. I wanted to give you some feedback on the pendant that I now wear after Stewart bought his at the Eumundi markets in October. I got mine in late Nov when I said I would be traveling to the States for work, I wanted the pendant to offer protection from radiation at US airports. I started wearing and then got the strength to say to my employer I didn’t want to go on the trip! I’ve had an amazing experience in life since then and feel abundance flowing freely since that time. I am so grateful. I can remember telling you at the market that I was trying to fall pregnant and you said a baby would love the energy from the pendant. I focused my intention and I’m now pregnant! I had been trying to conceive for 8 months prior and fell pregnant on the next cycle.

    Oh, I just remembered something else – Stewart was focusing his attention on the pendant and rubbing it and told me he thought we should go to the area we have been looking to buy a house for the past 18 months as he thought the house for us was going to become available. The very next week, the exact house he had projected came on the market and we bought it.

    Both Stewart and I were wearing our pendants on Christmas day and my father decided he liked it and would like me to get him one too. He is very sensitive and finds the technological world overwhelming so I think it will be great for him.
    Thanks, Katie M.
    Victoria, Australia

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