Core of Truth Vibrational Essence


QiGrow Vibration Remedy – ‘The Essence – Core of Truth’

‘The Essence – Core of Truth’ can be used by anyone at anytime to re-align back to oneness, back to source, and so re-establishing your life path.

We come to Earth with contracts assigned that we agreed to while in spirit, these contracts can include simple lessons that one needs for further development and advancement at a soul level or impressive assignments to better the Earth. Core of Truth can assist with the re-membering!

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‘The Essence – Core of Truth’.

QiGrow Vibration Remedy to get you back on your path.

The Essence is who we are, The Essence is the Creator. The Essence is Consciousness from which all else is born.

This remedy is very calming and nurturing, crafted to assist oneself to gain a greater connection to the One Essence, to receive focus to get back on your path and to be in the continual flow of co-creation.

Ingesting 3 drops or placing onto your wrist 2 times a day for 21 days, the informational energy (Qi) contained within the infused H2O will enhance your connection to The Essence to be in your Flow. Flow is where magic happens.

Re-connect to The Essence. Re-connect to the One Truth. Re-connect to You! With the Core of Truth Vibration Remedy.

‘The Essence’ Updated 25/Sept/2015


Directions: Either ingest or place on wrist, 3 drops, 2 x day for 21 days. Continue or repeat as necessary.

Ingredients: H2O + Information/Energy.

Size: 20ml dropper bottle (good for 2 people)




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