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Space Clearing with the Devic and Nature Forces spray provides an emotional release of energies which become stuck and stagnant in and around your home and/or office, regularly clearing your space will improve health and wellbeing.

Live in freedom, harmony and abundance.

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Devic and Nature Forces – Original 8 Cell Clearing and Higher Purpose


The ‘Devic and Nature Forces’ vibration remedies have been made with the intent of clearing negative emotions from the environment. Emotions are released by us constantly, E-motion stand for energy in motion, however when this motion stops the energy stagnates and accumulates in physical stuff like your home or nature. The stronger the emotional outburst the more restriction and clutter that will be left behind and will build up in your home, office and on the land. Imagine if you did not sweep or vacuum your floor for 6 months, or clean the cobwebs from the corners of your house, a lot of ‘stuff/dirt/clutter’ would build up and it would not be a comfortable place to live would it?

We need to energetically vacuum away these stagnant ‘energies no longer in motion’ so that new energies can be welcomed into your space and a cleaner, fresher harmonious feeling will be present.

The Devic and Nature Forces remedies were the first remedies I made way back in 2003. I was working on an organic/biodynamic farm back then and the land had multiple negative and very restrictive energies present there. The local area was used by aboriginal peoples back in the day for a variety of functions, one hill was a Male place of initiation and sacrifice, another hill/granite outcrop was a Female place for birthing and nurturing, the farm I was on also had a hill that connected the other 2 to form a triangle. This hill contained lots of stuck repressed energy from when a massacre occurred between two opposing tribes when a young male and female from each tribe had sexual relations together, this is not allowed in native lore. Consequently the young female was speared in her genitals and a big fight erupted.

This was one of 2 introductions to energies that are left behind on the land and in buildings for a very long time until the energy is acknowledged and cleared with intent and other tools, such as these sprays. The other introduction was when we were conducting a workshop at the farm/health retreat working with energy and dowsing. There were 6 of us in the old sheerer quarters bathroom, now with a modern gas water heater but back in 1974 the water heater was powered by a wood fire. 1974 is a powerful energy year for Australia as it is the year the most destructive cyclone hit the top end of the country in Darwin. Cyclone Tracey displaced many thousands of folk off their land and they pushed further south to find shelter. Many went to Western Australia which is where this farm is. One family who ended up here were a group of aboriginals who exchanged labour on the farm for the comforts of the shearers quarters, however modest they were.

Long story short, the father of the family was stocking the fire to generate hot water one morning in the middle of wheat harvest season so all the paddocks were very dry and the wheat grass was ready for the picking, unfortunately some of this wheat never made it to market due to some embers flying out of the hot waters chimney and into a nearby paddock setting it alight. Wheat was destroyed and some profits were lost way back in 1974. When I was on this farm in 2000/2001 what we encountered was the spirit of this aboriginal father of the family. He communicated with us that he had in fact died on the east coast of Australia some 10 years earlier but his spirit had remained in this bathroom ever since. Why? He felt solely responsible for starting this fire and costing the farms owners money after they had been so generous to his family and so he had a very strong emotional attachment and need for forgiveness.

It was an amazing feeling that all 6 of us felt when we said to this mans spirit on behalf of the owner that he was Forgiven, all of our hair stood up on ends and a massive tingling was swept thru us as this spirit was finally able to leave and become one with the Universe once more.
These 2 events will stay will me forever and they were a powerful introduction for me to learn about how emotion and thought really does interact with physical objects weather it is a structure such as a house or in nature on the land.

I and many clients have used these 2 Vibrational Remedies to great effect, one testimonial I remember is from a real estate agent whom could not get any interest in selling or leasing 2 properties, one of which was her own office building. After spraying the 2 properties the first one was leased within a week after being unoccupied for over 3 months. After spraying her office she says she got the urge to write down a list of all per past employees, approximately 30 over the years and match emotions that the remedies cleared (according to the enclosed guide) to each of these past employees. She says it was an interesting moment for her as it bought back lots of memories and emotions for her as well. She did get an offer on the property only 2 weeks later!

Emotions stuck within an environment will have big consequences, you may recall the saying when walking into a room where an emotional outburst has just occurred, “you could have cut the air with a knife”. Emotions become physical thick stuff that hangs around in the air and the room forever until it is consciously released. This is a fact proven over millennia by native cultures and modern societies.

The remedy ‘Etheric and original 8 cell Clearing’ assists to release 13 primary emotions/energies from the Etheric and Devic realm. With the aid of the Overlighting Deva, and with your intent focused on working in partnership with the Nature Spirits, dilute the remedy at its instructed rate and spray around the location you want to release the negative energies, such as on your land, in your house and in your work place. After spraying, the environment may feel empty. This is often the case. 24 hours later you will need to follow the same process with the remedy ‘Etheric and original 8 cell Higher Purpose’. This re-connects the Devic realm back to their original higher purpose of working in co-creative partnership with us humans.

Etheric and original 8 cell clearing

Containing the signature vibrations of 13 negative emotion thought forms that are contained and embedded throughout nature due to human outpouring of emotions through past and present incarnations and due to the reckless actions by humans toward the Nature Spirit and Devic realm. Diluted at 1ml / L of water and sprayed around and throughout the areas to be cleared, it will have a subtle and beneficial effect on the treated area clearing these negative energies.

Energies cleared include:

Being Abused, Rape, Distrust of Humanity, Isolation, Shame, Grief, Rage, Toxicity, Apathy, Lack of recognition, Mutilation, Effects of clearing, Salinity, War,  Neglect, Sadness, Release of all negative and restrictive energies in the etheric fabric.
Etheric and original 8 cell higher purpose 

Containing the signature vibrations of 9 positive emotions and virtues that the Nature Spirits and Devic realm contained at their conception onto planet earth.

The Devic realm works in partnership with human consciousness, specifically thoughts, aiding the manifestation of the thought to take place in the 3D reality we live in on physical earth.

Their role on this planet is to act on our thoughts. Our thoughts, and consequently our emotions, are instantly received within the Devic realm allowing manifestation to take place. This is supposed to be a beneficial process, unfortunately when negative thought patterns are instigated, they also manifest into reality and give us the destructive emotions listed above.

After the Etheric and original 8 cell Clearing has been completed, these negative thoughts and emotions have been cleared from the Devic programming. Spraying the Etheric and original 8 cell Higher Purpose on the same area of land, reset, so to speak, the Devic realm to once again focus on thoughts of virtue. These include: 

 Safety, Trust, Healing from being open to abuse, Working in harmony, Support from inner earth council, Resonate with higher purpose, Connection with harmonic realm of nature, Co-creative partnership, Unconditional love and healing, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Wealth always and in all ways, Relationship harmony and abundance.

Try it!

Spray these two remedies around the areas of land that you have ownership of or have been granted permission to access and feel the difference for yourself.

The Nature Forces remedies come as a pack of 2 x 15ml.


4 reviews for Space Clearing Vibrational Essences

  1. (verified owner)

    I moved into a house recently and there was a room that i didn’t like to enter, always keeping the door closed, it didn’t feel right. The sensation upon entering the room was claustrophobic and there was an overriding feeling of discomfort and a strange crawling feeling. After trying other space clearing methods with no relief i used the QiGrow ‘Etheric and Original 8 Cell Clearing Remedy’. After spraying the clearing remedy the room felt empty and clear. The crawling feeling had gone and there was no feeling attached to the room at all. With the addition spraying of the ‘Etheric and Original 8 Cell Higher Purpose Remedy’ the room took on a warm sensation and felt much larger and more open. The room can now be used for my original purpose, as a meditation room.

    School Teacher
    Cunderdin, WA

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I write to advise you that I believe I had real success with your Vibration Remedies.

    As you know, when I first thought I would try your remedies, I had two properties that I was trying to lease with no apparent success.

    One was a property I had recently bought as a deceased estate. After two consecutive sprayings inside and outside the house with the Etheric and Original 8 Cell Clearing Remedy and Etheric and Original 8 Cell Higher Purpose Remedy, (Space Clearing) I suddenly had three good prospective tenants.

    The other property was my office which I have owned for 18 years and after six months of advertising, still had no prospects.
    After spraying the premises inside and out, I felt guided to write down the names of the people who had worked here and they numbered about 30. I then matched to each person negative emotions listed in your manual (Devic and Nature forces booklet). The following day I balanced these emotions with your listed virtues. Almost immediately I had two individual prospects walk in expressing interest in the property. Whilst neither of these eventuated, I now have after several more sprayings some ideal lessees for the property. I hope my story will be inspirational to other persons keen to try your product.

    I might just add that i have received many comments from customers entering my office since spraying the remedies saying that the area feels inviting and comforting!

    Jenny L
    Real Estate Agent
    Guildford, WA

  3. (verified owner)

    My home has a sleep out in which 2 of my grand daughters refuse to sleep and no one likes to enter. I have seen strange shapes and shadows in this room and have often smelt rotting flesh at night time in the room. The ill feelings and creepiness seemed to come from this room. After spraying the ‘Etheric and Original 8 Cell Clearing Remedy’ the room lightened and began to feel cleaner. I also felt a releasing, the clearing remedy appeared to be working on me. I revealed a secret to my daughter right there and then, one i had kept buried for 57 years. The room remains clean and open, people have slept in there and i have had no more frightening experiences related to the room. QiGrow Remedies work for me!

    Bunbury, WA

  4. (verified owner)

    For the last 9 years I have worked as a clear point channel, healer, teacher and business consultant.
    It became apparent very early in my spiritual career that I needed to remain exceptionally focused and diligent, not only with my own work, but in the choice of other practitioners that I associated and worked with. After 9 years operating in the spiritual capital of New Zealand (Rotorua), I had developed a trusted network of associates that I worked with exclusively, and was comfortable referring all my clients to them. This is not something that I take lightly, as I understand, the referral that I make, reflects on me as well as the referee.

    Moving to Australia in 2008 posed a number of challenges, not least of which was the distance from these trusted associates. These challenges were compounded by a number of less than satisfactory encounters with different practitioners. As a result of these meetings I became very, very cautious when meeting other practitioners until I had thoroughly and accurately discerned ‘where they were coming from’.

    Meeting Matt was a breath of fresh air, a point of resolution became clear, and 2 of the essences were purchased (Devic & Nature Forces). Happy with the ‘chance encounter’, I proceeded to tune into the energy of the essences to further align my understanding of their authenticity and the work that they would be capable of, and after a week of ‘tuning in’ I was happy and comfortable that they were indeed of authentic quality and intrinsically correct – a gift from Source.

    I then began the clearing process (1st remedy) on the land and house that we are renting, and as I began this process, noticed a change in energy signatures around the property almost immediately. Long standing energies that had been inculcated into the property by the owner after 30+ years of living in it began to lighten and shift. After the prescribed 24 hours, I then began the re-attunement of the house and property to our higher purpose (2nd remedy), and during this process was also guided to ingest a drop of that essence. From there, the house, property and self began to feel entirely different – and far more like myself!

    As a result of working with the 2 essences, both my husband and myself are significantly clearer, brighter and working on a new life path that we can both enjoy, that enables us both to do the work that we love- and the plants are thriving!!!

    I have no doubt that our meeting was ‘meant to be’, and that Matt and his work will somehow become an intrinsic part of the new path that my husband and I are now creating.

    I have no hesitation recommending the remedies to anyone who feels called to use it. It carries one of the most pure energy signatures that I have had the privilege of encountering in Australia so far and will continue to work with in the future.

    Kingscliff, NSW

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