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QiGrow – Innovation of Energy Medicine

Since 2003 QiGrow have had a passion for making a difference in the World by doing good and helping others, we do this by distributing Vibrational Essences, Sacred Geometric Unity Technology and Space/Emotional Clearing Sprays promoting health, healing and wellbeing.

Our Vibrational Essence ‘The Core of Truth’ offers informational codes imprinted into H2O to enhance your connection to the Oneness of Creation assisting you to be in your flow for maximum health and manifestation.

The QiGrow Unity Pendant incorporates sacred geometry, specific creation codes that Nature uses to form organic life, in fact the whole Universe uses these blueprint codes. Anything with a magnetic spin will be influenced with the QiGrow Unity Pendant by harmonizing carrier waves making them Coherent. This is very beneficial for all biological life. The QiGrow Unity Pendant is very beneficial in healing and cellular repair when worn or placed on a specific area as it communicates vital energetic information to the surrounding DNA and cellular system.

Our Devic & Nature Forces Space Clearing come as a 2 pack dropper bottle concentrate to be mixed as a spray. Start with the Original 8 Cell Clearing to remove stagnant energies then follow up 24 hrs later with the Original 8 Cell Higher Purpose for harmonization. Release the emotional baggage in your home and work place and watch the new abundance come streaming in!