About us

I have spent a lot of time gathering information, knowledge and wisdom of healing and balancing the energetic body. ….”through our own energy fields that surround our physical form we can make changes that have a rapid and meaningful outcome on our being and how we interact with other people and the wider environment”.

“Our cells react to signals (information) from our environment that have been filtered through our brain (belief system). Knowing this means that it is not primarily our genetics that control the manifestations of Dis-ease or Dis-order, it is the information being projected in the form of vibrational energy from our thoughts based on our perceptions that are related to our beliefs that have the greatest influence on cellular makeup and the DNA. In essence, if we change our beliefs, change our perceptions of how we look at our environment, we literally change our energetic framework and the information radiating out from our Multi-Strand DNA, which is creating our reality, both internally and externally!”

Being quite adapt in the procedure of dowsing and by using my intuition, I put together (with help from spirit) tools that can be of major benefit to removing restrictive energy blocks in our thought processes, clearing blocks within the chakra system, stabilizing emotions and hormone release and transmuting destructive energies in our homes, workplaces and the wider environment.
The ‘tools’ that I have devised are called ‘Vibration Remedies’, in essence, they contain vibrational frequencies which when ingested or worn, interact with our energetic system, our energy bodies, the DNA and our thoughts and emotions to bring about a balancing for total holistic health and healing.

In 2002 the business QiGrow was formed to bring gifts to the public and to share knowledge and wisdom of how we function as energetic beings, we developed a skin care range, organic fertilizers, Unity Technology and other multi-dimensional tools.

Based in Quantum Physics which says that everything is made up of tiny vibrating strings or loops and is connected to one source of consciousness, the Unity Oneness, I see energetic or ‘informational medicine’ to be extremely exciting and the only way forward for health, healing, harmony and abundance.